Most people dream of needing a mower they can ride around their garden to cut the grass, but for the people lucky enough to own sufficient land to purchase a mower you can ride on, having spent thousands of pounds rather than hundreds to secure the latest model, you need to make sure that you store the riding mower carefully and efficiently.

You will need sufficient garden storage to be able to easily move your larger mower in and out of the garden shed without damaging the shed and still providing you with sufficient access to anything else stored in the shed.

Protecting Your Investment

Having spent a high amount on your ride-on mower, you wouldn’t want to leave it out in the British weather and suffer poor maintenance and damage, just because you didn’t have sufficient garden storage. When you invest in your mower you should consider a specific garden shed as part of the overall investment.

When you look at all of the gardens sheds available, at your local garden supercenters and your online options, you must choose garden storage that is not only suitable for the job but has a big enough door to allow you to bed in your riding mower easily.

Therefore, you must buy a garden shed that is at least big enough for you to roll it in and out without disturbing everything else you need to keep as garden storage or home appliances you don’t use anymore, such as the old masticating juicer you never used.

You need to consider your other uses for the garden shed and how they will be affected by a riding mower sitting in the middle of the room. If you need to work in the room as well, you don’t really want to have to remove your ride-on mower every time you want to attend to the maintenance of other garden equipment or for your general building purposes.

Your Garden Storage Requirements

Wherever you decide to house your ride-on mower, the building must be as dry as possible and without any rain water leaks. It must be completely covered from the varying weather conditions of summer and winter and of sufficient size so you can complete any general maintenance on your mower in the confines of the shed when the weather is poor outside.

You could consider a cover for your riding mower, even when it’s placed in garden storage, so that any other work that occupies you in the garden shed, doesn’t reflect on or damage your ride-on mower. If you intend to sand wood in your garden shed, you wouldn’t want small wood particles moving through the air and damaging the engine equipment of your ride-on mower.

Some people will require their garden storage to be large enough not only to place the mower in the shed, but to turn it as well so it is ready to face outwards when you want to push out for its next job. This will depend upon the size of your budget and the practicalities of the location of your garden storage. 

If you have a need for a mower that you sit on, you probably have enough land space to place a suitably sized garden storage facility without losing too much of your garden space.

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