Simplicity Regent Riding Mower Review

In the battle of the lawn vs. the home owner, sometimes the home owner loses.  When this happens, it means you need a new one.  Coming out just this year, the Simplicity Regent Riding Mower is arguably the best product on the market right now.

This piece of craftsmanship offers both a 38″ and 44″ model, giving you a nice size deck while still getting your work done quickly.  Not to mention the sporty red color that will have you enjoying your weekends in style.

Your choice of 22 or 23 HP engines will give you loads of power to keep going through the thickest of grass. Quality, craftsmanship and service are things that have represented the Simplicity Company for many years.

There are also accessories you can add on that will turn it into an absolute lawn eating machine. It’s a good feeling knowing you have the strong, durable tools to get a job done the right way. When choosing a lawn mower, you really cannot go wrong with a Simplicity Regent.  You’ll agree the moment you sit down and turn the key.

Simplicity Regent Riding Mower Review

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