When spring comes around and it’s time to fire up your lawn mower, is it sluggish to start? If so, don’t go rushing off to repairman. There are some easy methods you can do to save yourself some money. Lawn mower maintenance is also the first and foremost principal, if you want to increase the use of lawn mowers for the longer run.

The majority of the time if you just clean the spark plug that will be the end of your problems. All you have to do is disconnect the wire that’s attached to the end of the spark plug. Use a wrench or Ratchet/Socket to remove it. A spark plug that looks wet and black is the reason your lawn mower isn’t starting.

Lawn Mower Maintenance​

Methods for Lawn Mower Maintenance

Next, use fine sandpaper to smooth the top of the spark plug until you see bare metal. Sand around the edges of the metal that’s located right above the electrode. There should be a gap between this metal tab and the electrode. When the spark plug is completely dry and dust free, replace it in the cylinder and reconnect the wire back to the end. Try to start your mower.

Another simple thing to check is the amount of oil, if any, there is in the lawn mower. If there’s no oil or not enough of it, that’s most likely one of your problems. The same can be said for fuel. A lawn mower isn’t going to start if it’s got an empty gas tank. If there’s old gas in it, drain that first and replace it with new gas.

Not only electric and gas lawn mower maintenance is required, but robotic lawn mowers also needs proper maintenance. 

Lawn Mower Maintenance​

How to maintain a Lawn Mower?

Some important steps on how to maintain a lawn mower that will help the mower man to mow the lawn easily. Read these steps below and make sure to maintain your lawn mower:

Last of all, sharpen your blades. This ensures that your lawn mower will cut beautifully once it does get started.

Lawn Mower Maintenance​
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