When the lawn mower won’t start, it can be frustrating. There can be several reasons for this problem. It is a key principle to have some knowledge on how to fix a lawn mower that won’t start? Mower problems fall into two categories: ignition problems and engine problems. Often the cause of the problem is minor and can be quickly fixed by any homeowner. 

By knowing what you are looking for, you can eliminate the cause or the many possibilities that are causing the mower to not start. There are basic issues, like gas and oil, and less common items, like clogging and freezing controls, that can often be arranged by the homeowner. It is also necessary to sharpen your blades, if you do not take good care of your lawn mower blades, then it will also create problems for future use.

How to fix a lawn mower that won’t start?

5 Ultimate Methods on how to fix a lawn mower that won’t start?

1. Steps to do in the start

When the mower won’t start, there are three places to check first: gas and oil, the spark plug, and the ignition controls. These are the top three reasons a lawn mower won’t start. To avoid these problems, fill up the gas tank before you start. 

Check the oil to make sure it is not burned (black) or needs to be refilled. Make sure the choke is in the correct position and the motor controls are set in the home position. Also, make sure the spark plug wire is tight in the socket.

How to fix a lawn mower that won’t start?

2. What to do next?

Sometimes the ignition wiring or wires are loose or disconnected so they need to be checked. Also, check the following: 

3. Final Steps

Check the ignition timing by removing the spark plug and positioning it so that the hex end of the spark plug touches the engine block. Try to start the engine looking for a spark or listen for a clicking sound from the spark plug. 

Check the cables that charge the battery at the start of the mower battery. With motors that start by magnets, check the position of the magnet to see if it has slipped. Also check for oil leaks. This could be a more serious problem if leaks are found.

How to fix a lawn mower that won’t start?

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