Cleaning debris and grass clippings from the underside of a lawn mower deck after each use is a crucial step in maintenance. Sageo when grass is wet from dew or rain allows it to adhere to the bottom of a mower deck above and around the blades. Thick debris prevents the blades from rotating as they should and decreases the air flow from underneath necessary for cooling purposes. Chunks of wet grass retain moisture within the deck and cause rust to form. However, cleaning takes only a few minutes after each mowing to protect your investment.

How to clean the underside of a lawn mower?


Pushing the lawn mower

 • Crank the walk behind mower engine, place it on a flat area of the lawn and allow it to cool.

• Turn the handle down so it is touching the ground. Place a block or other heavy object in the center of the handle and keep the lever on the ground.

• Turn a garden hose nozzle to the strong stream of water. Turn on the hose and spray the underside of the lawn mower deck.

• Remove any grass stuck to the deck with a plastic ice scraper and continue to spray water until all the dirt falls below the mower deck.

• Allow the cover to dry completely. Once the cover has dried, spray a coat of silicone spray lubricant on the entire underside.

Riding Lawn Mowers

• Turn the riding mower off and park on a flat surface. Allow the engine to cool slightly.

• Raise the cover to its highest position. Pull the spark plug out of the spark plug to disconnect the spark plug, to avoid accidental starts.

• Turn a garden hose nozzle to its strongest stream. Turn on the hose, squat next to the mower deck and direct the stream of water underneath to remove wet grass.

• Scrape off any debris from the deck trimmer with a plastic ice scraper and wash off the debris with water.

• Leave the mower in the air. Once the trimmer is dry, spray silicone spray lubricant on the bottom. Replace the spark plug on the spark plug.

How to clean the underside of a lawn mower

Lawn mower with wash hole

• Remove the catcher and hopper discharge side from riding mower. Slide the mulch cover into the side discharge.

• Drive the mower to a level area plane and turn off the engine. Lower the long-cut grass to the shortest level.

• Close the male end of the hose to the wash mouth on the mower deck. Convert the water into the maximum flow of water.

• Start the motor best lawn mower and observe the flying debris below the deck. When no more debris is coming out, stop the engine, disconnect the garden hose, and run the engine for two to three minutes to complete the cycle cover cleaning.

Tips and Warnings

Start the engine and let the petrol of the  

·    Use plastic ice scrapers instead of metal paint scrapers, which can cut into metal and eventually cause rust, which can turn into holes.

·    Wet grass clippings are easier to clean if you tackle them before they dry under the mower.

·    Wear gloves during any work around the mower blades to protect your hands.

How to clean the underside of a lawn mower
How to clean the underside of a lawn mower

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