Why a Riding Lawnmower Beats a Push Mower Every Time?

If you’re reading this, we can assume that you have a sizeable lawn that needs maintaining and you are sick of breaking your back and wasting your valuable time pushing around a traditional lawn mower every other week throughout the summer.


You might be considering taking the plunge and buying a riding lawnmower and if that’s the case, then let this blog be the thing that gives you that final push, because we’re about to tell you why a riding lawn mower will beat a push mower every time.

1. Thick or Stubborn Grass

If you’re the owner of a lawn with grass that needs going over multiple times before it can be cut down to the desired length, a riding mower can eliminate that problem. A push mower relies on the power in the motor, but a lot of its strength comes from its user: a riding lawnmower comes with larger blades, more power and a lot less reliance on the gardener wielding it. The other plus side is the riding mower will collect the clippings as it goes with little to no leftover grass, which can’t always be relied upon with a push mower.

Why a Riding Lawnmower Beats a Push Mower Every Time

2. Creating a Professionally-Mown Appearance

If you like a lawn with beautiful, straight lines then unless you’re willing to pay attention to precision with a push mower you’re unlikely to ever be able to achieve this, especially once your arms get tired as the task time increases. Driving your riding lawn mower in straight line is as easy as pie and the best way to ensure you get lovely straight lines first time every time.

3. Wild Growth and Brush

If your garden is prone to the odd bit of brush, weed patches, hedges or other bushes, a push lawnmower will be ill-equipped to deal with them. This tricky terrain is near impossible for a push lawnmower to survive, much less do anything with them, where a riding lawnmower can pass over them safely and with minimum damage to the mower (and its rider!).

4. Fun

Using a push mower means back breaking work – using a riding lawnmower means a quick joyride on a powerful machine. Which would you prefer?

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