Lawn mower for steep banks were originally designed to clean lawns. But our gardeners and gardeners successfully use these devices simply to mow lawns (as well as bushes, power permitting), sometimes processing rough, heavily covered areas. 

Best Lawn Mower for Steep Banks

What else can you call the best lawn mower for steep banks?

The group of commercial lawn mowers for steep banks also includes robbers – mini tractors. But they are used for large lawns (for example, in houses and communal services).

Best Lawn Mower for Steep Banks

What to look at first when choosing a lawn mower for steep banks?

What area are you going to process?

Estimate its surface, relief, degree of garbage. What other vegetation is in it? What kind of grass grows, soft, hard, short, or grows rapidly to a meter in height? The type of mower that suits you, the power required, the maneuverability and the performance depend on this.

For example, if you have a “real English lawn”, a perfectly flat open area, without trees or shrubs, with short, dense grass, and you mow it regularly, you can use a self-propelled four-wheel mower (Champion LM5345BS, Makita ELM3711 electric) or a PATRIOT PT 3355 petrol cutter. On uneven ground (there are potholes, bumps) the Makita PLM4621, STIGA Combi 48 ES wheel works well.

To cut the lawn in a small area, of complex shape, covered with hard grass, bushes, choose a lawn mower for steep banks (trimmer) – Stihl FS 55, Echo SRM-22GES, Makita UR3000, AL-KO 112924 AC 1200 E. For one area small but clean Bosch ART 23 SL suitable trimmer.

Who will use the device?

For men, almost any model will do. The main thing is that it fits your height. But if a woman or an elderly person has to mow the lawn, the weight of the best lawn mower for small yards takes on great importance (note that the weight of the entire grass catcher will increase the weight of the device itself), ease of maintenance.

Selection of models

What is included in the kit, the knives or the fishing line, or both? Does the mower have a belt and which one?

Which company is better to choose a lawn mower?

The following manufacturers have proven to be the best:

Best Lawn Mower for Steep Banks

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