While just about everyone can understand the hassle that comes with changing a flat car tire brings to your life, changing a tire on a lawn mower is simple and no hassle at all, depending on where the mower is when you have to change the tire.

Unlike a car, you aren’t carrying a spare tire around with you while you are mowing. This can be quite annoying if you have a large yard and you’re all the way in the back of it when the tire goes out.

When you have a flat tire on a lawn mower, before you get around to changing it, you need to make sure that safety is your highest priority. While it’s not as dangerous as changing a flat on a vehicle sitting on the side of a roadway, there are a few things you need to do to ensure your safety.

Replacing Lawn Mower Tires

Steps to Easily Change - Cheap Lawn Mower Tires

The first thing should be to make sure that the mower is on a flat level surface. You can ease your mower to a spot in your yard or on your driveway to make the change much safer and easier.

Now that you have your mower in a safe place to work, you can begin with taking the tire off. First thing you do is clean around the tire to remove any dirt or debris that might be covering the lug nuts.

Now, you can loosen the lug nuts. Do this with the wheel still on the ground as it makes it easier. Once you have the jack under the mower and lifted, you can take the lug nuts off completely. Don’t forget to block the rear wheels so the mower doesn’t start to roll backwards when you lift it with the jack.

Once you have the flat tire off the mower, set it aside. Now, you can take the tire to have it fixed, or purchase a new one if it’s too wrecked to repair. When you have your inflated tire ready, put it on the mower and screw the lug nuts down finger tight. Let the jack down and tighten the nuts so that the wheel doesn’t come off when you use it, and you are off to mowing again.

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