Yard-Man Lawn Tractor – 15 1/2 HP Review

Yard-Man Lawn Tractor - 15 1/2 HP, 42in.W Deck

Some people just want a riding mower that is easy to use, while others want one that lets them mow in style.

This Yard-Man Lawn Tractor will give you both! The exceptional 15 ½ HP Briggs and Stratton engine will give you all the power you need to make sure your yard is maintained within your standards and the 42 inch deck will make cutting large lawns a breeze.

Add to this the 7 speed transmission, and you have a riding lawn mower that can’t be beat.

Having 7 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds will give you what you need to make your yard mowing a simple task. Take it fast in the long stretches where other mowers seem to drag on like a sack of rocks and slower in the tough trimming areas.

With 2 reverse speeds you can back it out of the shed or garage like a pro in the higher gear and use the lower gear for those tighter spots while you are mowing.

The Yard-Man riding lawn mower will have you enjoying your yard in record time while your neighbors are still puttering around on their mowers. Be the talk of the neighborhood and purchase this lawn mower. Your friends will be amazed at how great your yard looks, even though they hardly ever see you mowing it!

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  1. riding mower will start but wont go in to gear.Checked paking brake and everything looks ok.clutch and stick also????

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