Yard Machines Riding Mower Review

Yard Machines Riding Mower Briggs 13.5 HP ES (38")

When it comes to mowing your yard there are plenty of options available to you. One thing you need to think about is the size of your yard compared to the mower you want to purchase.

If you have a relatively small yard, then purchasing a huge 60 inch deck mower will be absurd. You won’t have the room to store it let alone turn it around while you are mowing.

That’s where the 13AC762F000 by Yard Machines comes in handy.

This smaller 13.5 HP riding mower gives you a 38 inch cut that is great for those smaller yards. This will make mowing your yard so much easier and cost you less than those rather large mowers you might be thinking of purchasing.

With a 6 speed transmission you are able to pick the speed you are most comfortable in for mowing and with the 5 different cutting heights, you can have your yard looking like it was professionally cut in no time.

When size matters, the Yard Machines riding mower will have you thanking yourself for not overdoing it with one of those larger mowers. You can still get your yard done in a decent time and you won’t have to worry about adding an addition to your home just to store it either.

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