X749 John Deere Ultimate Riding Lawn Tractor Review

X749 John Deere Ultimate Riding Lawn Tractor

If you have loads of yard to maintain and you’re looking for a riding mower that can handle it all, the X749 Ultimate Tractor from John Deere is exactly what you need.

The 24 horsepower 3 cylinder engine will make sure you have enough power to do all the mowing and towing you might need.

With the full time all-wheel drive system, you can work in the harshest of terrains and still get the job done fast. You will love the separate motors for the front wheels that will automatically adjust the speed while you are in a turn so that you aren’t messing up your yard as well.

With a heavy duty welded frame, you will be assured that this tractor can handle everything you put in its path. If you are afraid that it might be too light in the front end, don’t be, as it has front end Quik-Tatch weight brackets so that you can add up to an extra 168 pounds of weight. This will make sure the front end stays on the ground and gives you all the traction you could possibly need. And don’t forget about the 4-wheel steering to make mowing around obstacles a breeze.

You can be sure that this riding mower will give you everything you need to make your yard look professional. This is the perfect mower for those people that need their tractors to do a bit more than just mow.

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