X700 John Deere Ultimate Riding Lawn Tractor Review

X700 John Deere Ultimate Riding Lawn Tractor

The X700 John Deere riding lawn mower is the choice of people that need a riding mower to do a bit more than just cutting grass.

You can use this mower to do all that handy work that larger areas require. Whether it’s mowing that extra-large lot or hauling debris with a cart, you can do it with this lawn tractor with ease.

Having the addition of a 3 point hitch makes this tractor the one to consider when thinking about what it is you are looking for in a mower. The foot operated lock for the rear differential allows you to engage both rear tires for that little extra bit of traction when you need it.

This is done with a simple foot pedal that is found on the left foot rest. Being able to press that pedal in a moment’s notice to engage both rear wheels is a pleasant addition to a riding lawn mower.

When you think about what kind of riding lawn mower you need, you should consider all the possibilities that the X700 can offer you. Not everyone needs a lawn tractor, but those that do will know right off that this is the best of the best when it comes to maintaining your yard.

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