X540 Multi-Terrain John Deere Riding Lawn Tractor Review

X540 Multi-Terrain John Deere Riding Lawn Tractor

With a 26 horsepower liquid cooled engine, the X540 Multi-Terrain tractor from John Deere gives you everything you need to make your yard maintenance a snap.

And offering up a massive 54 inch cutting deck gives you the ability to spend more time enjoying your yard than working on it.

If you want a riding mower that will give you everything you could ask for, and more, this is the one you should think about purchasing.

The highly comfortable high back seat gives you 7 inches of adjustment so that you can find the perfect sitting position to do all that yard work without getting cramps in your legs, or having your knees in your face like on some mowers. If you have ever had the privilege of using a riding mower with manual steering, you will absolutely love the power steering assist on this mower.

While some mowers give you a 2 or 3 gallon fuel tank, John Deere has gone all out to offer you 5 gallons of fuel storage. Not only that, but they have conveniently placed the fill opening on the left fender, with a 3 inch opening, to make spillage of fuel a thing of the past, unlike those riding mowers that stick it in the middle, under the seat.

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