X340 John Deere Riding Lawn Tractor Review

X340 John Deere Riding Lawn Tractor

Nothing says power like a 25 horse power V-Twin engine that is air cooled and comes with the iTorque Power System by John Deere.

This baby will have you working in all kinds of terrain conditions and give you the power you need when the need is at its greatest.

And for easy starting, this tractor offers up a solenoid shift starter so that you can get on with your yard work, even in cold weather.

If you find that some riding mowers have a difficult PTO engagement system, the X340 gives you a dash mounted control that enables the Heavy-duty electric clutch.

This clutch can operate through many on/off cycles without the need for adjustment, making your routine maintenance a simple task. Being able to spend more time using your equipment instead of working on it is something John Deere has been known for over the years.

There is no question that if you are looking for a smaller mower that has the power of the bigger ones, the X340 is the mower you are going to want to look at. You can worry more about how you are going to spend your time relaxing and worry less about how much work you are going to have to do when you have this lawn tractor.

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