Swisher ZT2766KP Zero Turning Radius Riding Lawn Mower Review

Swisher ZT2766KP 66-Inch Zero Turning Radius Pro Series Riding Lawn Mower with 27-Horsepower Kohler Courage VTwin Engine

If you want professional quality in your lawn mower then the Swisher ZT2766KP Zero Turn mower is for you.

The 66 inch cutting deck allows you to get the job done as quickly as you possibly can, and with a 27 HP engine on board you will have all the power you could ever hope for.

This masterpiece will allow you to spend more time relaxing and a lot less time mowing your yard.

With dual 6 gallon gas tanks you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel half way through your yard maintenance.

You can be assured that the ride is comfortable as well with the 18 inch high back seat and folding arm rests. Nothing says comfort more than offering up variable rate suspension on the seat giving you the ride of your dreams while working hard.

Swisher is known the world over as being one of America’s premiere mower manufacturers, and the quality you get is well deserved by all.

You can’t beat the design and maneuverability of this machine and anything less wouldn’t be acceptable. If you are looking for rugged stability, the extra couple of dollars you are spending for this mower will definitely give that stability and control to you.

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