Swisher ZT2052 Zero Turning Radius Riding Lawn Mower Review

Swisher ZT2052 Ride King 52-Inch 20-Horsepower Zero Turning Radius Riding Lawn Mower

For the larger yards you can go out and purchase those overly expensive lawn tractors, or you can get yourself a Swisher ZT2052 Ride King and make that yard work go by twice as fast.

The 52 inch cutting deck on this zero turn mower will have you sitting back and relaxing faster than you think, and the 20hp engine gives you all the power you need to make sure your yard looks as professional as it can.

With 8 cutting heights, you will be able to make your yard look just the way you want it to without having to pay those high prices for professionals to come out and mow for you.

The maneuverability of a zero turn is remarkable compared to lawn tractors that offer you between 15 and 20 inches for a turning radius. Being able to turn on a dime makes mowing around obstacles a snap and quite fun as well.

The ergonomic steering handles and high back seating with arm rests makes this one of the most comfortable zero turn mowers to use. Add to this the smooth turf friendly tires and you have what could be considered the Cadillac of zero turn mowers. But don’t forget about the dual two gallon fuel tanks to help you from running out of fuel.

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