Swisher Zero-Turn Fabricated Deck Riding Mower Review

Swisher Zero-Turn Riding Mower - 28 HP, 66in. Fabricated Deck

If you’re looking for a commercial grade zero turn mower on a residential budget, the Swisher ZT2866 is the mower for you.

This massive 66 inch cutting deck and 28 HP engine will have your wildest dreams coming true for you in a matter of seconds.

Nothing else compares to the quality and maneuverability that this Swisher zero turn mower is capable of and that is a promise.

You know it’s going to be a comfortable ride with its high back seat and arm rests. Giving you a 6 inch slide adjustment allows you to set the seat to the perfect position for you.

The addition of the rear hitch gives you the ability to hook up attachments to turn this into something much more than an everyday lawn mower, and don’t forget about the storage compartment and the standard hour meter either.

If mowing your yard is more than just an occasional job for you, this mower is something you should look into purchasing.

You can get the job done in less time than with other lawn mowers, and the professional quality of the mower and the cut grass will have you thanking yourself for taking the jump to own something of this quality.

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