RechargeMower G1-RM10 Riding Lawn Mower Review

RechargeMower G1-RM10 Riding Lawn Mower

The Recharge Mower G1-RM10 Riding Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher has over 3 years of engineering, development and design that is made specifically for a greener planet. It has also been tested for safety and performance and provides up to 3 hours of power without the use of oil, gas or emissions. It maneuvers easily, has an adjustable cutting height, is compact and has a grass catcher.

It is an ideal mower for any lawn and due to the design and easy to get to driver’s seat, any adult is suitable for it too whether they are fit and healthy or mobility challenged. This mower is durable and will not need any special maintenance or tune-ups. It is built to last, has a resilient body and metal frame and has improved balance and weight distribution due to its sealed 36v38ah center mounted batteries. The cutting blades are safely housed inside the metal deck to protect against wear and tear.

Features – Benefits:

1. Safe for planet with no oil, no games and no fumes.
2. Operates quietly, each battery charge lasts up to 3 hours and there is virtually no maintenance.
3. Includes the smart charger so it stops charging once it is complete.
4. Comes with cutting height positions.
5. Built with a steel frame construction.

Product – Shipping Details:

1. This mowers shipping weight is 300 lbs., can only be shipped within the United States and has a 3 star rating and 9 customer reviews on Amazon.

Final Analysis:

Pros: This mower comes well packaged with barley any assembly. The two blades do a great job cutting. The bagger works great and it has more than adequate power. Basically, this mower delivers everything it promised. Its charge also lasts the 3 hours and more like promised.

Cons: The mower tends to leave clumpy grass discharge at the back so if your grass is wet or long, you might experience the clump problem. Using the clipping bag attachment will do the trick, however. It takes a little getting used to the speed operation of the RechargeMower G1-RM10 Riding Lawn Mower because it is located on the steering panel and is controlled by a knob.

You need to use both your hands to steer and operate the mower. Due to its tire size and width, it is a bit unstable on traversing inclines. Therefore, if you have big hills or a sloping lawn, you might want to consider a different mower. Overall though, it is a great mower and does what it says it will do.

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1 Comment on "RechargeMower G1-RM10 Riding Lawn Mower Review"

  1. Tom Earnshaw | April 26, 2011 at 5:52 am |

    First of all, unpacking the Recharge mower is a challenge. You essentially have to demolish the packing material, which makes it impossible to return the mower since you have to return it in the original packing. Getting the mower off the shipping pallet required the assistance of a block and tackle to lift it over the edge–not an easy job.

    The mower itself seems to cut ok, but there are two things to consider. First, the steering is very hard if you’re used to the rack and pinion steering found on most riding mowers. Second, the turning radius is large, a bit over 4 feet, making it difficult to use in tight places or to make sharp turns, especially if you mow in a diminishing circle as I do.

    My recommendation: try the thing out before you buy it. This may be difficult as there don’t seem to be many (any?) local dealers.

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