Racing Your Lawnmower

There are many motor sports around the world that brings thousands of people together for entertainment and excitement. In the early 1970’s, a group of boys in Sussex England decided to take motor sports in a whole new direction by creating the first ever lawn mower racing association.

Not too long after the advent of this association, another group started the Northwest Lawn Mower Racing Association, and it fast became a popular and entertaining past time for all involved. It was introduced to the United States by a gasoline stabilizer manufacturer shortly after the England associations started and has now grown enormously in the years since.

The main aspect of lawnmower racing is to take a riding lawn mower, convert it by taking off the blades and, sometimes, the cutting deck and maintaining the original engine. Some aspects have changes to the rules which allow you to modify your lawn mower engine to make it more powerful.

Much like the different aspects of drag racing, the lawn mower racing crowd has created an event for just about any modification or component you could think of.

As a hobby, there is no gambling aspect or professional tour with lawn mower racing, the participants work endlessly to try to have the fastest lawn mower on the circuit. These circuits are usually from town to town in any given area and the racers are usually friends and family members that just want to enjoy a sunny day outside and have some fun.

You can join different associations that cover the area you live in. These associations allow you to establish rules and regulations, figure out racing dates and places, and maintain information about the lawn mower racing world in general.

While most people that enjoy racing have a basic need for going fast, the lawn mower racing aspect is more in having fun. Fun is the main aspect of lawn mower racing as the speeds never reach more than a few miles an hour at any given time.

Even on the super modified mowers you might only get up to around 18 mph. While this isn’t all that fast, doing that amount of speed on a lawn mower can be quite thrilling from the driver and all those involved in watching.

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