Poulan PO19542LT Briggs and Stratton Riding Lawn Tractor Review

Poulan PO19542LT

If you have a medium to large sized yard that you regularly maintain and you are looking for a mower that can handle the type of abuse that you dish out, then the Poulan PO19542LT is the riding mower for your needs.

Poulan is world renowned for the amount of abuse it can handle, while still being able to keep your yard looking as good as ever. This 42 inch monster will cut your grass like no other mower can and have you back on the porch enjoying the warm afternoons with a cold drink in your hands.

These are the types of mowers that people use to keep their yards looking professionally maintained, without having to pay the price that comes with a professional service. If you want the best, then look no further. The reasonable price of this mower and the strong construction shows that Poulan takes their mowers seriously, and so should you.

The deck is made from a thick gauged steel and powder coated before painting to make it last an extra-long time. Being able to cut in an 18 inch turn radius means you can easily mow around almost any landscaping you might have in your yard. But don’t forget that Hydrostatic transmission, either.

These transmissions mean you don’t have to worry about using a clutch to change gears anymore. Simply move the lever forward and push on the gas and you are moving almost instantly. To stop, just pull the lever back to the park position.

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