Murray EMT20460H Riding Mower Review

If you love the thought of having a riding mower, but aren’t too sure about changing gears when you mow, the EMT20460H riding mower by Murry is a mower you should look into. This mower gives you a foot controlled automatic transmission that makes mowing your yard easier than ever before.

With a simple press of the foot, you can make your mower kick into high gear for those long stretches or for moving from one place to another in a hurry. You can also depress the pedal slightly and get that slower movement that is necessary for those finishing parts of your yard work.

The 20 hp Intek Briggs and Stratton engine gives you plenty of power to mow larger yards with ease. Being a side discharge mower, you can either let it throw the grass clippings out the side to be taken back into the grass, or hook up the optional catcher to contain your clippings, leaving your yard looking crisp and clean after mowing.

You just can’t go wrong with a mower like this, and Murry has been producing these high quality mowers for many years.

Whether you have a small yard and just need an easier way to mow, or you have a large yard that takes hours with a push mower, this riding lawn mower will be the highlight of your yard work routine. You can now spend more time sitting back and relaxing and less time breaking your back trying to keep your yard maintained.

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  1. Where can I find a Murry ???? Had one and used it going on 9 years when it caught fire from a rat nest under hood,,,,,would love to have another one,,,,I loved that riding mower, never any problems with it and I have a very large yard !!!!!!!!!!

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