Murray ELT125380 Riding Mower Review

The Murry ELT125380 is the perfect mower for those people that need something bigger than a push mower but smaller than a zero turn mower. This combination of power and size allows you to take the big yards in record time, or the small yards without breaking your back.

With a 12.5 horsepower engine and a 96cm cutting deck, you can take your yard work by storm and spend more time enjoying your garden rather than working on it.

The Murry tool-less deck leveling option is a perfect way of making sure your grass is cut evenly every time, and with a speed transmission you will be able to tackle every aspect of your yard in a matter of seconds.

Being able to take the long stretches at a high speed takes more time out of your yard maintenance routine, and having the lower gears for going around obstacles and fine touch aspects will have you smiling the entire time you are mowing your yard.

While some mowers give you a high powered engine with very little cutting size, or large cutting size with a smaller engine, the Murry ELT125380 gives you both. This gives you the advantage of being able to mow your yard in much less time than you normally would.

Giving you this amount of control is something Murry has been providing for years, and their die hard customers know this more than anything. You will love the amount of quality that you can get from purchasing this mower, and you won’t be sorry that you took the time to check it out either.

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