Husqvarna vs John Deere Riding Mower – Which is Better?

Today we will be comparing two of the top brands of riding lawn mowers:  Husqvarna and John Deere.

John Deere

John Deere vs Husqvarna

John Deere is the #1 most popular lawn equipment brand in America.  This company is almost 200 years old and has shown an attention to detail for quality products since year one.  With a wide variety of products and riding lawn mowers, they have become popular with farmers, business owners, and home owners alike.

Is John Deere a Good Brand?

Being the biggest group in the world for lawn care products, John Deere is without a doubt an industry titan. These guys have been producing top notch mowers for us for a very long time and it shows in their sales, products, and fans.

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Husqvarna vs John Deere

This is one of the classic lawn care brands in America.  This company has been around for over 30 years and has build a reputation for great equipment.  Tending to both homeowners and businesses, Husqvarna creates industrial products as well as residential mowers.


Is Husqvarna a Good Brand?

Husqvarna has been rated as a top 3 lawn equipment brand, so it is very reputable and trustworthy for creating top of the line products.  While it may not have the absolute popularity of John Deere, it is without a doubt an outstanding company and will do a great job with any yard task.

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