Huskee 46 Inch 20 HP Lawn Tractor Review

If your yard is getting out of control and the sight of unruly grass is starting to get on your nerves, the Huskee 46 inch riding lawn mower will give you a whole new perspective on your yard work.

The high performance 20 Horse power Kohler OHV engine will give you the right amount of power to make your yard look like it was professionally maintained, and the 46 inch cutting deck will make quick work when mowing.

You deserve to have a mower that’s comfortable and reliable and the Huskee is just that type of mower.

The high back seat grants you a comfort that most other riding mowers can’t even get close to. With the hand controlled transmission, you can shave time off your mowing and take full control of your mower, all at the same time.

The 18 inch turning radius allows you to maneuver around obstacles like a pro and the improved air flow and vacuum allows for a greater cut then most other mowers. If you are looking for a mower that can give you everything you could ever want, this is probably the mower you want to buy.

Twin blades in the 46 inch cutting deck gives you a better looking cut when you mow and makes mulching your grass a breeze. Instead of buying chemical fertilizer for your grass, you can simply mulch the clippings while you mow and give your yard the all-natural fertilizer it needs to be healthy and professional looking.

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