Huskee 38 in. 12.5 HP Lawn Tractor Review

When it comes to working hard, the Huskee 38 inch riding mower has what it takes. The 12.5 horse power engine provides enough power to get your yard looking the best it can look.

Whether you have a large yard, or a smaller one, this Huskee mower has everything you need to make mowing your yard take a lot less time. You can be sure that you’ll have a neatly trimmed yard with its dual blade cutting deck. The six speed transmission will give you the right amount of speed for whatever the job requires. If you need to take it nice and slow around obstacles like trees and bushes, you can shift it down to the lower gears to take it nice and easy.

If you need a bit more speed in those longer straight stretches, kick it up a couple gears and see what it’s like to mow your yard in half the time you normally do. With an 18 inch turning radius, you can make turns like a professional and make your yard look fantastic.

This Huskee mower comes with the 12.5 Briggs and Stratton Powerbuilt engine. These engines are fantastic for heavy duty mowing and they can work just as hard and long as you can. Huskee knows what it takes to make your routine yard work easy, and this mower gives you exactly that.

No more sweating while you work, now you can sit comfortably and have fun while your yard work gets done for you.

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2 Comments on "Huskee 38 in. 12.5 HP Lawn Tractor Review"

  1. Picked up this mower today. I have about a half acre to mow and it took me a little over 3 hours with a push mower. With this one it took less than an hour. Soooooooo nice!! This is a real nice mower. No bells and whistles. Solid, although the skin is a bit thin. No problems with power going up my smaller hills. Runs strong, very nice turning radius. Would highly recommend.

  2. Bought a 38″ Huskee from Tractor Supply about 4 years ago. Worked fine the first year. Second year…wouldn’t crank…cost over $100 to have “carburetor” cleaned…water in sediment bowl.

    Bought $12 bottle of stuff recommended by shop to stop ethanol/gas separation and wter accumulation. Finally used it to cut my grass twice the entire summer.

    The next year…back in shop and another batch of water in gas…PLUS water in crankcase. $200 bill…got to cut my yard 4 or5 times that summer

    Last year… more water in crankcase… another $95 to get the water removed from motor. Was able to cut grass 3 or 4 times.

    Last winter, cranked up..going to blow leaves from yard when I heard what sounded like metal grinding. Immediately stopped the blades from rotating and the metal grinding sound stopped.

    Got off…looked under the machine for something caught in the blades… Everything was clean…Cranked up to finish job and rode…oh….maybe 6 or 8 feet when the metal sound started again. Immediately turned off motor…pushed it to patio.

    Got a small engines repair guy to look at it. While using his battery gizmo to “jump” the batter, the Briggs and Stratton engine lost every indicia of compression.

    The mower cost right at $1,000. I spent over $500 on repairs.

    Got explanation of gas in sediment bulb but no one can explain how a covered tractor can fill up the crankcase with water. That’s no joke…if you look at the “dipstick” you can see the water mixing with the oil.

    Now, to replace the engine, it will cost right at $750 for engine and installation.

    So, I bought a John Deere with their special “Briggs and Stratton” engine. RIDES LIKE A DAMNED LOG TRUCK…and that B&S engine, after 2.8 hours on the meter, is beginning to scare me.

    Why can’t B&S make a motor like the one on my old MTD mower that I used for right at 10 to 12 years?

    Final question: Why won’t anyone at B&S talk to me about the problem. 4 years multiple calls and no one ever responded to my phone call or emails.

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