Cub Cadet 54 in. 26 HP SLTX 1054VT Super Lawn Tractor Review

Cub Cadet 54 in. 26 HP SLTX 1054VT Super Lawn Tractor

If you want your yard to look like a whole team of professionals came in and mowed it, get your hands on the Cub Cadet 54 inch SLTX 1054VT Super Lawn Tractor.

This amazing machine will have heads turning as you effortlessly take your yard work from grueling to efficiently fun in a matter of minutes.

The 26 horse power Cub Cadet professional series engine by Briggs and Stratton gives you more than enough power to help you with maintaining your yard.

The overlapping triple blade 54 inch cutting deck makes it easy to get all those blades of grass clipped just the way you want them, without the stragglers leaving your yard looking unkempt and mowed in a hurry.

And if you’re looking for a comfortable ride, the Cub Comfort high back seat will have you wishing you could take it off the mower and put it in your house to watch television on. An easy gliding 12 inch turn radius allows you to make even the tightest turns a breeze.

For those people with larger yards, this lawn tractor makes it quick and easy to maintain. You could be sitting on your deck looking out at the professional quality of your yard rather than pushing a mower around sweating and wishing you were somewhere else.

It’s this kind of quality and efficiency that Cub Cadet brings to its customers. Nothing is better than taking less time to do a job, and having it come out looking professional anyway.

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