Coronet Riding Mower Review

Coronet Riding Mower

While some people go for the larger is better aspect of riding lawn mowers, there are those people that prefer a simple small mower to get the job done without all the hype.

That’s where the Coronet comes into play. This simplistic small riding mower gives you everything you’ll need to make maintaining your yard a snap.

The 13.5 horse power engine gives you enough power to make your yard work time drop almost in half from a push mower and the 30 or 34 inch cutting decks gives you enough room to park it anywhere you need to.

The 12 inch turning radius allows you to make quick work of mowing around obstacles and enables you to cut your after mowing trimming time down dramatically.

You’ll never have to worry about your grass being cut out of level either as the Coronet comes with an automatic leveling deck. This feature will give you perfectly cut grass every time you mow and the easy height adjustment guarantees you’ll get the yard you’ve always wanted.

Not only do you get a great looking cut when you’re mowing, you also get the patented Ground Hugger traction system that gives you greater control when mowing around whatever type of landscaping you might have. Whether it’s riddled with hills and low parts or smooth and straight you’ll be getting the best possible cut you could ever get from a riding lawn mower and that is something to brag about.

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