MTD 19HP 42″ RZT Riding Lawn Tractor Review

19HP 42" RZT Tractor

If your yard is too big for a push mower, but you don’t want a huge monster mower, the MTD 42 inch residential zero turn mower is perfect for you.

Being able to mow your yard in less time than you would with a push mower is great, but being able to use a riding lawn mower and mow around trees and other obstacles that are in your yard is even better.

The 19 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine will give you all the power you need to take care of your yard work and the 42 inch cutting deck will make mowing your yard a breeze.

When you want to get your yard mowed quickly and without too much stress, this zero turn mower is exactly what you need. You can spend more time relaxing in your yard and less time worrying about how long it’s going to maintain.

With the 3 gallon gas tank you are assured to not run out of gas half way through your mowing. No one enjoys having to walk back to the house to get a gas can, and this mower will allow you to continue mowing as long as you need to before having to refill. Nothing is better than knowing that you are working with quality machinery and this mower is definitely high quality for its price.

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